Troop News 4-24-2017

Posted on Mon, Apr 24, 2017:

Troop Committee Meeting (rescheduled for next week)

Troop Meeting   7:30 PM

OA Elections this week.

We will be inspecting all remaining bikes this week. If you have not had your bike checked bring it Tuesday night.  If you need a bike for this weekend please send an email to

The plan for the weekend:  We will plan on leaving the Scout hut   at 8:00 am Saturday morning. We will return in afternoon on Sunday.  Scouts will call in route to confirm pick-up time. Eat breakfast before arriving we will not be stopping on the way-up

This will be a special trip because the Adults will cook Saturday’s supper and Sundays Breakfast. The riders will be responsible for a trail lunch Saturday.

The weather at this point looks to be favorable for the trip, but as always each rider should   have a daypack with rain gear, water bottle, lunch, sunscreen   and the rest of your 10 essentials. You can find a list in you Scout Handbook.

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